Membership Terms and Conditions
This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions which apply to your use of the Ecomm website (the "Website") provided by Ecomm Investment Pte Ltd.
By registering as a Member of Ecomm, and in accessing this Website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of service below.
1.     Definitions
"Website"  hereafter refers to  
 "Ecomm" refers to Ecomm Invest Pte Ltd   
 "Materials" hereafter refers to any pages  of the Website including but not limited to the information, text, images, links, sound, graphics and video sequences displayed on the Website.  
 "Agreement" hereafter refers to all terms and conditions of Website usage written below in this document.  
"Information Providers" means  all third parties that provide any data displayed on the Website.  
"Users" means persons who access and view this Website only and "User" refers to any one of  these persons. 
 "Loss" includes  all costs, charges, loss, damages and/or expenses of  other nature that include legal fees on a full indemnity basis and howsoever arising whether direct, indirect, joint, several, actual, contingent or otherwise in regards to this Website. 
 By accessing the Website, you signify  that you consent  to  accept and to comply to all legally binding terms and conditions written below in this  Agreement of  Terms and Conditions of Website  Usage with  the Sole Proprietor of the Website, Ecomm. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions below, please do not continue to access this Website or any pages thereof. Usage of this Website is limited to adults who are 21 years old or above.  

Ecomm reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove any parts of the terms and conditions of the Agreement at any time and any such change, modification, addition or deletion shall become legally binding upon its posting  on the Website. Continued usage of the Website  signifies that you accept all posting of changes to these terms and conditions of the Agreement. 
2. Registration
2.1 By registering, you certify that all information provided in your registration is accurate, complete and current.
2.2 Membership fees and/or charges are to be paid in advance for the relevant services subscribed. Membership account will only be activated upon receipt of payment by Ecomm.
2.3 All membership fees paid are non-transferrable and non-refundable. All sums paid to Ecomm shall not be refundable even if the Member chooses not to use the services.
3. Member Usage and Access
3.1 Member must take all measures and steps as may be necessary to protect your user ID and password, and prevent unauthorised use of your identification code or password. You are to notify us if you have reasons to believe that, or are aware of any unauthorized use of your user ID and/or password. The Ecomm user ID and password is for Member's own use only. Member must not share User ID and password with anyone else. Ecomm reserves the right to suspend any account if it was found that the password of that account has been misused.
3.2  Member warrants that all personal particulars provided to Ecomm pursuant to the Registration Form, and from time to time is accurate, complete and current.
3.3 Ecomm is only responsible for providing the making available the services that the Member has subscribed. As such, the Member shall be solely responsible for (1) providing at his own expense all resources and facilities necessary for proper access to the services, including power points, conduits, pipes, electricity, or license; (2) setting up, configuring or ensuring compatibility of his hardware, equipment, and software for access to the services (including such changes made to the Services by Ecomm from time to time.); and (3) comply with the rules of any network which the Member is using to access the services (4) all information and data retrieved, stored and transmitted through the services. Ecomm will not be liable for any damages or losses suffered by Member as a result of the failure of the Member in carrying out his obligation outlined in this clause.
4. Services and Charges
4.1  Ecomm shall provide to Member the relevant Services subscribed and paid for by Member, but this shall be without prejudice to the right of Ecomm, if in its sole discretion it deems appropriate, to vary, change , or discontinue any part of the services at any time, including but not limited to the removal of content without having to give prior notice to the Member.
4.2  Ecomm reserves the right to vary the membership fees and charges upon giving notice to the Member.
4.3  In protecting or enforcing any rights under this Agreement, Member shall at all times be liable for and shall indemnify Ecomm against all costs and expenses (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) which Ecomm may incur or pay.
5. Intellectual Property and Limitations on Use
5.1 All Materials used in this Website remain and/or shall be the copyright or intellectual property of Ecomm and its Information Providers.  
5.2 User may not modify, publish, license, create , transmit, retransmit, display, copy, distribute, redistribute, perform, reproduce derivative works from the Website. User may not transfer or sell any Materials, information, data, software, products or services  obtained from the Website.
5.3 Users are strictly forbidden to use any robot, spider, other automatic device, or manual process to monitor or copy the Materials or the pages of the  Website.  
5.4 Member does not own the rights to the user identification code or password assigned to him by Ecomm. Ecomm reserves the right to change the identification code and password at its sole discretion without being liable to Member for any loss suffered.
6. Suspension and Termination
6.1 Ecomm reserves the right to terminate or suspend Member’s account and access to all or part of the services without refund of any sums paid with immediate effect if  (1) Member has breached any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement (2) Ecomm, in its sole discretion, suspects that Member’s Account has been accessed in an unauthorized manner of that the security of Member’s Account has been compromised in any way (3) Member dies or is declared bankrupt (4) it is illegal or not in the public interest to continue providing the services to Member for any reason whatsoever (5) Ecomm, in its sole discretion, decides to withdraw or terminate all or part of the Services
6.2  Ecomm also reserves the right to terminate this Website, or to withdraw or terminate all or part of the Services for its own reason and in its sole discretion.
7. Exclusion of Liability and Indemnity
Further to the Terms and Conditions included in this Agreement, Ecomm, its affiliated companies, and its directors shall in no event be liable to you for any loss, damage, costs, and/or expenses of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising including cost of funding, loss or cost incurred by you, and legal fees on a full indemnity basis as a result of or in connection with:
  1. Use of or reliance on the contents of this website
  2. Any access or use, or inability to access or use this Website, and any websites linked to the Website
  3. Any system, server or connection failure, error, interruption, delay in operation or transmission, omission, or computer virus
  4. Any service, file, data, information, product, software or other materials obtained from this Website or from other websites linked to this Website
  5. Any loss or abuse or unauthorized disclosure of information, including customer information
  6. Any delay, omission, interception, delivery failure, damage, corruption, virus, error that arises from email transmission in connection with the service of this Website.
  7. Any errors and/or misinformation for any reason whatsoever including negligence of Ecomm
  8. Violation or breach of any third party rights, including but not limited to the violation of any intellectual property or proprietary rights
  9. Any transaction performed on this Website.
 8. Disclaimer
8.1 All Materials, information and data displayed in the Website,  including facts, views, advice, analyses, opinions and recommendations of individuals and organizations are not intended as investment advice and must not be used as such.   Ecomm and its Information Providers are not representing themselves to give personalized financial, investment, tax, legal and other professional advice on the Website. 
8.2 Ecomm  cannot endorse and cannot be responsible for any message, view,  advice, analyse, opinion and recommendation given by its Information Providers or Users on the Website. Ecomm cannot advocate any commercial dealings in any securities, investments or classes of securities. Inclusions of any links in the Website to other web site(s) or resources  does not imply any form of endorsement by Ecomm.
8.3 None of the Materials and information  provided on the Website, that includes data, news, information, reports or opinions nor any of the recommendations (if any),  has been customized for any specific person.
8.4 Ecomm accepts no liability for any Loss arising out of the use of the Materials or the information on the Website. None of the Materials and information  provided on the Website, that includes data, news, information, reports or opinions nor any of the recommendations (if any), is to be construed as an offer, solicitation or recommendation to any person to buy any of the securities or class of securities referred to in the Website.
8.5 While periodically updated data feeds (including stock quotes, currency rates or other price or information feeds (if any)) are generally believed to be timely and accurate, Ecomm cannot and do not make any representation or warranty as to its accuracy or completeness.
8.6 The information transmitted through the Internet is generally not confidential, and hence Ecomm cannot, and shall not guarantee the privacy of Member.
8.7 Ecomm and its Information Providers reserve the right to periodically make changes to the information or data on the Website. Information and data available on the Website presented in text, graphics or whatever form, may include inaccuracies. 
8.8 User agrees and accepts that the Website may be inaccessible from time to time due to required maintenance, telecommunications or electronic or other systems failures or interruptions (whether of Ecomm or any third party) or other disruptions. Ecomm shall not be liable to User for any Loss suffered by User as a result thereof.
8.9 Ecomm disclaims all warranties and obligations for the Website to be free from any bugs, errors or remain unaffected by computer viruses or other similar features affecting its performance. Ecomm further disclaims any and all liability for negligence and lack of reasonable care.
8.10 Ecomm shall not be liabile for deletion of files, mistakes, omissions, interruptions, errors, defects, delays in operations, tranmission or any failure of performance or the inadvertent corruption of data transmitted, received or stored on the Website, whether or not limited to theft, acts of God, destruction, communication failure or unauthorized access to Ecomm's records or the Website. This clause shall apply to all contents on the Website.
8.11 Ecomm shall not be liable for all or any indirect, incidental and consequential loss or damage, including but not limited to loss of profit, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings, howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with the use or reliance by any User on the Materials or the information provided on the Website including without limitation, default or any acts of Ecomm, its employees, loss of data, inability to access the Internet, inability to transmit or receive information caused by or resulting from delays or interruptions, even if Ecomm has been advised of the possibility of such damages. 
9. Procedure for Complaints 
9.1 The User should put his or her complaint in writing in the event that the User wishes to complain about any aspect of this Website. In making such a complaint, the User shall set out the facts supporting the complaint and the conclusion that the User  has drawn from these facts. In other words, the User shall state what actually has happened and why the User feels that such events warrant a complaint. The User shall also include copies of all relevant documents and furnish full personal particulars, including name, address, NRIC number, as well as phone and fax number and e-mail address if the User has these. User's complaint shall  be addressed to:

Ecomm Investment Pte Ltd 
Robinson Road Post Office P.O. Box 3052
Singapore 905052

9.2 Ecomm aims to provide a full response within the period stated in the acknowledgement and Ecomm will normally acknowledge receipt of the User's complaint within three working days of receiving it. However, in the case whereby  Ecomm needs further information regarding the complaint, Ecomm shall take a longer time to respond to the User's complaint. On the other hand, if Ecomm reasonably provides a quick full response, Ecomm shall not send a separate initial acknowledgement. Ecomm reserves the rights in its sole discretion to take any action that is appropriate and allowed under Singapore law in regards to all complaints received by Ecomm.
9.3 Ecomm shall not intervene if User's complaint is subject to litigation or is pending before the courts.
9.4 Ecomm shall also not investigate any complaint which is beyond the scope of this Agreement, including but not limited to any complaint concerning matters that do not relate to Users or to the terms and conditions of usage of the  Website. This includes the provision of investment advice and any complaint the User may have about the commercial management of a quoted company. Ecomm will send it to the appropriate body and let the User know that Ecomm is doing so if Ecomm believes that the complaint should be handled by another regulatory or dispute resolution body .
9.5 Ecomm shall advise that User complainant that no action will be taken if Ecomm considers that a complaint made by a User is vexatious or frivolous and this User complainant shall bear all reasonable incidental expenses incurred by Ecomm in the investigation of such complaint. 
10. Copyright Complaints
The User shall provide Ecomm the following information by way of written notice if  the  User believes that his or her copyrighted work has been copied and is accessible on the  Website in a way that constitutes copyright infringement:  

 10.1 A statutory declaration made by the User that the information in User's written notice is accurate and that User is the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner's behalf and a statement by the User that he has a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by him, his agent, or the law.
10.2  A description of the copyrighted work that User claims has been infringed and a description of the infringing activity.
10.3 User's full name, address, telephone number, email address and User's physical signature or that of the person authorised to act on the User's behalf.
10.4  Identification of the location where the original or an authorized copy of the copyrighted work exists, for example the URL (i.e. web page address) where it is posted or the name of the book in which it has been published and an identification of the URL or other specific location on the Website where the material that User claims is infringing is located, including enough information to allow Ecomm to locate the material.
11. General Clauses
11.1 In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires, words denoting the singular number only shall include the plural and vice versa, reference to any clause is to a clause of this Agreement, and words denoting any one gender shall include any and all other genders.   
11.2 The headings to the clauses hereof are for ease of reference only and shall not be taken into account in the interpretation or construction of this Agreement or any clause(s) hereof.
11.3  The parties to this Agreement shall use their best efforts to negotiate, in good faith, a substitute, valid and enforceable provision or agreement which achieves to the greatest extent possible the economic legal and commercial objectives of the invalid or unenforceable provision if any provision  is found or held to be invalid or unenforceable in this Agreement. 
11.4 The  Agreement creates no agency or partnership and users shall not have any authority to bind Ecomm in any respect whatsoever. 

12. Jurisdiction and Governing Law
User agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts by accessing the Website and User agrees that Singapore law, including without limitation the provisions of the Singapore Evidence Act (Chapter 97) and the Singapore Electronic Transactions Act (Chapter 88)  shall govern such access as well as the above terms. 

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